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Industrial matter evolution

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In a previous article, we explored how we came up with the name “Prosperity Bamboo” for our company across research designs and outlined strategies. This article aims to further outline (the choice of) concept words that make up the payoff, namely “Industrial Matter Evolution”.


We figure out that the Industrial field has become a benchmark against which to select a target audience for the rollout plan we are proposing to our potential stakeholders.

Back in 2015, when we got started in approaching the matter as far as bamboo is concerned, the attention was aimed at farmers, who were offered the chance to start growing this plant as an alternative to traditional crops, of which, in many cases, farmers complained of a decline in profitability. Therefore, bamboo was seen at that time as just one of the many innovations that were coming onto the market, with the typical merits and drawbacks of all that is innovative. 

On the one hand, we got the intrinsic possibility factor offered by every new market to its pioneers, the chance to build valued growth and maintain a competitive edge on the competitors to acquire a pre-eminence position. On the other hand, doubts and skepticisms persisted due to a lack of knowledge about the plant and its cultivation, as well as the possible development of its supply chains.

In those years, we contributed to the start-up of several cultivation plants, although not exceeding ten hectares in size and we felt that to trigger the economic and industrial potential of this plant, we needed subjects with a superior investment capacity and a broader vision. Thus, it was natural to start wondering a scenario in which the industrial world could invest directly in agriculture to self-produce the raw material, which would then be used to make sustainable products.


It’s our focus! In all this great talk of sustainability at every level, we wanted to highlight this point in our payoff, because to build anything you need matters.

As an alternative to the current production based on fossil materials whose processing continues to harm the level of CO2 and, facing the Green Deal, millions and millions of tonnes of sustainable raw material will soon be needed.

How will we get it?

Not only by using trees, which have very long production cycles and must be protected. Do we think we can do everything by recycling? Do we believe we will continue to source from countries 8,000 kilometres away? Prosperity Bamboo was born to support industries from the very beginning of this new supply chain, starting with those who produce the raw material.


In this third keyword, the concept underlying ‘evolution’ can also be read as ‘revolution’. The word ‘revolution’ in the industrial field would have been very evocative and this is likely what will happen in the next few years. The shift from high-carbon to negative-carbon production will indeed be a revolution. Evolution means progress. The purpose of evolution is to maintain the improvements made in the past, improving the present for a prosperous future for those who will come after us.

Prosperity Bamboo, therefore, wants to pave the way for the industrial evolution of the materials, and it is with this in mind that we put ourselves at the service.

Article by Davide Vitali

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