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Strategic raw materials

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The European Commission has illustrated the contents of the Critical Raw Materials Act, a package of measures which has the main objective of guaranteeing a “safe, diversified and sustainable” supply of so-called critical raw materials. It highlights the need to reduce dependence on China for metals and minerals that are essential for both the energy transition and digital technologies.

However, these are actions that continue to tackle the problem with an incomplete and short-term vision: focusing on the supply of fossil materials and on recycling aimed at reducing the need for new purchases is like continuing to want to mend socks full of holes.

Broadening the vision with a 10 or 15-year perspective and looking at the long-term objectives that the Green Deal has defined, it is clear that the main road to achieving them is represented by the progressive conversion of industrial production from a fossil-based to a vegetable-based one .
Since, after thirty years of fighting CO2 emissions, the result is that 2022 was the year with the highest emissions ever, it should be clear that renewable energies and the recycling of fossil materials will never bring to achieve climate neutrality.

Conversion of plant-based productions

As long as industrial production continues to be entirely based on materials that mother earth keeps underground, such as metals, minerals and oil whose processing requires very high temperature combustion, how can the rate of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ever decrease?
Climate neutrality is achieved by producing on a vegetable basis and, by following this path, Europe has the opportunity to become more independent on raw material supplies, since southern Europe, through bamboo, has the conditions to produce it and to transform it into autonomy.

It is therefore to industries that have a long-term vision that the Prosperity Bamboo industrial program is addressing, with a view to a progressive transformation of industrial production that necessarily also involves the institutional world which, in a far-sighted perspective, has all the interest in favoring it.

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