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PRESS RELEASE 01 Sept.2023 – Delivery of the industrial program

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Last August, a summary about a long-term business plan for the independent production of sustainable raw materials in Italy and the creation of a processing industry was sent by certified mail to 126 leading industrial groups, 7 ministries and 11 other various public institutions.

The industries were invited to participate in the discussion of the program, the institutions to ascertain its national interest.

The objective of the plan is a future greater national autonomy in the procurement of plant-based materials, destined to acquire increasingly large market shares in many production sectors and represents the key to a synergistic relaunch of agriculture and industry.

The assessments expressed so far on the feasibility and total alignment with the dictates of the European Green Deal fully justify the use of national funds to support the plan. We trust that the institutional and industrial world will move in favor of these intentions, we will provide updates on developments.

Sintesi Piano industriale

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