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Prosperity Bamboo. The name’s reason

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Prosperity is not a very common word: words such as abundance or wealth have a greater diffusion, but they do not express the reason why Prosperity Bamboo was born.

“Prosperity” is one of the famous 3Ps that, together with “People” and “Planet”, composes the claim of the G20 recently held in Italy. The word prosperity brings back to us an image of balance, to the idea of ​​widespread well-being that includes notions of justice and harmony, we can then say that Prosperity Bamboo will help to restore balance where it is needed.

Mainly aimed at Bamboo, its cultivation, diffusion and industrial transformation, Prosperity Bamboo was created to facilitate the production of oxygen, food and sustainable raw material because this is what we need…Now.

The purpose for which Prosperity Bamboo exists is that it is necessary to fix all that has created the imbalance generated by centuries of drilling, excavation, burning at high temperatures what Mother Earth holds deeply.

Prosperity Bamboo was created to allows us to continue producing everything we need but with a negative CO2 rate.

It was created to aggregate industries that want to be the masters of their raw material, without having to depend on who is far away from them, bringing production back to Italy, since our creative, manufacturing and human heritage has been lost overseas for too long now, often in poor Countries where labor is exploited.

It’s time to bring back the idea that Italy is a Nation with high potential that must use its internal resources, in order keep a high position in the world rankings.

This is the reason for the name Prosperity Bamboo. That’s why we strive to provide a high service to people with the same vision.

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