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Prosperity Bamboo. Good first take!

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Prosperity Bamboo, a new reality about cultivation and industrial use of bamboo, was born from intuition and determination of its founder Davide Vitali, and has recently gathered for the first time its board and experts at Labirinto della Masone, in Fontanellato (PR), an emblematic place that embodies both matter and sybolism, being a real, big labyrinth in a bamboo forest.

The purpose of the meeting was simply explained by the founder of Prosperity Bamboo: “Today we are here together – said Vitali – because we all believe in a project, that apart from being an industrial model, carries inside the germs of the near future, towards innovation and its various expressive aspects, and towards sustainability. I mean, every step we are taking is towards prosperity, not just in terms of economic profit, but as a result of actions and reactions, that bring wellness, not just to the single, but to the community and the environment”.

The convention was a succession of interesting professionals and experts of different areas, that introduced themeselves both live and on video calls. Starting with the introduction by Davide Vitali about the birth and purposes of Prosperity Bamboo, he introduced Valentina Gherardi, Communication Manager, who explained the identity of this new deal. As for the technical aspect, related to cultivation and growth of giant bamboo, Massimo Somaschini, agronomist and famous researcher, gave his presentation. 

As regards business aspect, Raffaele Ferraris, Project Manager, showed the features of industrial chain.

Martina Viola Ferrario, lawyer with a specialization in substainability, gave details regarding fashion, while Raffaella Grassi, Co-founder and Senior Managing Partner of “Origami Engineering”, illustrated the proposal to investors and the research plan.

Lastly, Gianni Spagnoli, materials engineer and Engineering Manager of “Elettroplast”, gave his presentation about transformation of bamboo pulp in plastic, and Sara Casalini, chemical and bio-chemical engineer and researcher by the University of Bologna, talked about plant-based nanofibers.

In video call, a partecipation of Claudia Daza Montaño, bio-economy consultant, who explained the process of bio-energy extraction from bamboo; Mauricio Cardenas Laverde, architect and founder of “Conscious Design”, showed some examples of buildings and structures made of bamboo; and finally Luisa Molari, associate professor at University of Bologna, gave her presentation about use of bamboo in structural construction industry.

Prosperity Bamboo is online on website and on main social networks.

November 2021

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