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In the face of decades of agronomic experience in different continents and of the last five years specifically dedicated to the construction of giant bamboo cultivation plants in Italy, Prosperity Bamboo realizes cultivation plants for the industrial world that will produce every year tons of a precious raw material of a thousand uses. A giant bamboo production plant has an average of 80/100 consecutive years of productive life. The plants are built in the name of extreme care and excellence, using 4.0 technologies and professionals with certified experience who follow a precise protocol.  

Geological, chemical, physical and bioelectronic analysis of the soil to guarantee its suitability for this type of plant 

Fertilization and soil preparation plan Project of the sixth cultivation plant

Acquisition of certified mother plants Preliminary ground preparation work 

Acquisition and installation of the irrigation system Acquisition and installation of cultivation monitoring facilities according to the new agriculture techniques 4.0 Planting of mother plants 

Method of conduction, fertilization, irrigation, and monitoring of the plant 

Training of plant care personnel